"Frank W. Fitzgerald" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: "Did
Anton Gottfried, of Erie, PA, USA, sell entire organs . . . or was he
only a pipe maker?"

Yes, the Gottfried firm eventually supplied any and all parts for an
organ, including pipes and entire organs. At least two bearing the
Gottfried nameplate were/are located in Richmond, Virginia, where both
Frank and I live.  But, one is essentially dead and the other one is
nearly so. (In fact, the decimated remains of the 3m one are located in
the former Grove Avenue Baptist Church building, now a performing space
for Virginia Commonwealth University) about a block from your house,

FYI, Anton Gottfried established his firm in Philadelphia ca. 1890. The
firm moved into the factory of the A. B. Felgemaker Co. of Erie in 1895
and offered entire pipe organs as of ca. 1916. Much later, it relocated
to Charleston, SC, and was subsequently sold to the Standaart Organ Co.
in 1948.

According to "A Guide to North American Organ Builders" by David Fox,
Anton was born in 1862 near Heidelberg, workded for Laukhuff c. 1878 and
for E. F. Walcker for awhile c. 1888, and immigrated to the U. S. in
1888. He worked for the Roosevelt firm in New York and Philadelphia
before establishing his firm. He died in 1954.

The connections of Erie firms is fascinating and I know only a little,
such as the Felgemaker firm continued building organs after the death of
A. B. Felgemaker in 1905 and was acquired by Tellers-Kent in 1918.

Associated with both or either the Felgemaker and Gottfried firms were
M. P. Moller; Frederick and Val P. Durst; Henry, Herbert, Regina, and
Anton Gottfried, James H. Nujttall, Chester A. Raymond, Ferd Oechsner,
and others who are either immediately recogized for later
accomplishments or whose names are associated with the other Erie firms
such as Durst Organ Supply and Organ Supply Industries.

Would that someone who really knows the history would write all this
down and publish it in The Tracker, before the facts become obscure.

Bill Van Pelt

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